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What is Kenpo Karate?
Kenpo Karate is a method of self-defense that is the result of the blending of several martial arts into a balanced, pragmatic self-defense system. The system emphasizes the development of prearranged self-defense combinations for personal protection. The system also includes technical routines, known as katas, that are associated with the artistic aspects of martial arts. For those individuals who wish to expand their abilities in the sporting aspects of Karate training, the school offers several classes in sparring, taught by instructors with professional fighting experience. For advanced students, traditional weapons training is incorporated.
Kenpo Karate has a ranking system incorporating colored belts, beginning with white, orange, purple, blue, green, brown, and black. Each ranking represents the attained knowledge of fundamental Karate techniques, ten or more self-defense techniques, and one or more katas at each level. Quality standards are not sacrificed in order to "move one along" in rankings.
Children benefit greatly from Kenpo Karate training in that they develop a greater self-discipline with enhanced focus and self-esteem. The children's program utilizes an abbreviated technical requirement level and a merit badge system that allows them to achieve advancement goals at a pace to optimize their interest level.
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